THE TRAVEL BUG EPISODE 30: Fes to Marrakesh

The Travel Bug

We pick our Moroccan adventure with Ash fresh after he has lent his willing ear and provided consoling words in our last post (and we sure hope that ended up well).

This is the final post with Ash…for now. I’m sure we’ll come together again for another series soon.

And so without further ado..

Fes to Marrakesh

Early the next morning I left the hotel to get to the train station for my seven-hour trip to Marrakesh. I decided to get first class tickets to ensure I had a seat for this relatively long journey. After getting tickets on the next direct train, I had a wait of just over an hour and a half. I walked across from the station to a local café for breakfast, keeping a watchful eye on my luggage. Later when I boarded the train, I found that I shared a compartment with two German women tourists and a Moroccan-French IT teacher. We enjoyed each other’s company and exchange travel experiences, in addition to discussions on Moroccan politics and how the monarchy was holding back social and political change. I noticed that the vacant seats in our compartment had a high turnover of occupants, some from 2nd class carriages to others who did not have any tickets at all. Enforcement of the train travel rules by the ticket checker was clearly missing! 

A Silent Surf


he scene was set one fine Sunday in April.

A quiet beach, the sea breeze and morning swells, the night sky, the crisp morning. Fingers clicked, moments were taken and smiles of acknowledgment passed between friends.

We spent a quarter of the day at the winsome Whale Beach two weekends ago but it sure felt like forever.

This was one day trip to remember.

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The Travel Bug

The Moroccan adventure continues with Ash who in the first post, described why Morocco has been on his Bucketlist for years, then proceeded to guide us through the old cities of Rabat, Tangier and Chefchaoen.  

Let’s continue our travel with our man Ash..


My hotel in Chefchaoen was a family run boutique hotel owned by an Italian man and his local wife, with quirky and individually designed bedrooms at multiple levels linked by narrow and winding stairs. They also owned an adjoining handicraft store which serves to support their income from their hotel business. 

Spent Friday night donating my time for a fundraiser for MND research and it was well worth it!

This was a first for me and I really didn’t know what to expect; I certainly didn’t expect the 600-strong guests in the event nor that the plan we were given went out the door as soon as the guests arrived. I was meant to show guests their seats but when the people started rolling in, one of the stalls that were selling cubic zirconia earrings was undermanned. But I certainly didn’t mind as we all had to chip in where required.

What's Up?

THE TRAVEL BUG EPISODE 28: Magical Morocco

The Travel Bug

It’s been a while since our last Travel Bug post but Ash is back with this 3-part mini series. We travel alongside our good friend right through the heart of Morocco via Kuala Lumpur and discover the allure of the country, its culture and people. 

Without further ado..

The Magic of Morocco, part 1

Morocco has always been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember; however, I did not find the time or opportunity to visit this exotic destination. Imagine my surprise when a mutual friend of a work colleague mentioned at lunch a couple of months ago, that he had inherited a house in Marrakesh, which he was happy to provide to any of four of us if we were ever headed that way.

Separately, he invited me to travel with him in September. Accepting his gracious offer, I started researching and planning my trip and arranging a tourist visa. (This is not normally required for most countries). I had visions of the Sahara Desert, camels, colourful carpets and handicraft associated with Morocco, not to mention Humphrey Bogart and delightful Casablanca.

Travelling next door

The Travel Bug

The last time I went on a holiday was in July for the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay. That was more a long weekend than a holiday so I was really itching for one. 

I always thought of New Zealand as an “It’s just there!” country and I had the “I’ll get to it one day.” attitude. Well, that one day turned out to be now. 

I’ll now curate through some snaps of the trip as pictures can really tell the story more than words. And besides, I took 2000 pics in a week so I do have some material behind me (but don’t worry, I’ll only use a select few on this post).

Here we go..