I listen to everything on my Spotify so this is tough. What I’ll plug here are 13 random bands off the top of my head. Presenting the lucky 13 AND 1 at the time of writing:


Review: They got NEXT. These guys are one of the only bands that really got The Ramones — and they’re able to take it to the next level. [Check out the brilliant songs ‘Language’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Nothin but Time’].


Review: If talent = popularity then these guys should be sitting near the top alongside Bloods. A sleeper of a band that the underground music scene appreciates. Keep up the great work guys!

At the Drive In


Review: Classic anger and attitude. They had more things to say than your average. And yes, ATDI before Mars Volta. Enfilade any day of the week. 

The Strokes


Review: At their peak, they were phenomenal! The Ramones and The Cure all-in-one. So, is this it?

Jaoa Gilberto


Review: The Bossa Nova god. His guitar is sleepy-cool and his delivery is effortless. I can’t ask for more. 



Note: If Madonna was reborn today and stayed underground, she would be M.I.A. The Bamboo Banga has a lot to say, but that’s cool – we’re listening.

Black Star


Review: Mos Def (err Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli are the best alliance in hip-hop, Y-O! Bar none. I have not seen a better tandem than these 2 at the mic.

Miles Davis


Review: Simply, Miles ahead of the competition. 

Sonic Youth


Review: It “Takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now.” Damn straight.

Protest the Hero


Review: I was introduced to these guys by a work colleague and I liked them on one listen. Speed, pause, tightness – what’s there not to like? Pity I missed the gig.  

Saul Williams


Review: I always look to the Sun (and the stars) when I hear this man’s lyrical thoughts. This spoken word god is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Simply, alien.

Pink Martini


Review: They’re dramatic, worldly, diverse, multilingual and – magical. Check out Anna (and Clementine).



Review: One super ferocious album. A classic that everyone is still trying to replicate. And Lombardo kills me with that bad ass double bass.

The Beastie Boys


Review: ‘It’s times like this when I just can’t stop.’ Indeed I still have the native New Yorkers on my rotation even after the MCA’s untimely passing (RIP).  ‘BBoys to the early morn, BGirls be rockin on and on and on and on..

The Hives


Review: These guys put on a great live show (seen them 2x). Pelle has got to be one of the most engaging leads out there. Well – all right!

PC Star

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