Discovery Day

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The local government put on Discovery Day yesterday where they opened up Sydney Harbour foreshore to the general public. There were 2 primary reasons for holding this event:

  1. It was a good promotional event to showcase the future of our foreshore; and,
  2. It would hopefully appease the general public (some of the changes were somewhat controversial).

I was quite excited as the gates to the White Bay Power Station was part of the exhibition (a real treat as I’m a big fan of the old relic). To my dismay, they did not allow inside tours to the power station (asbestos) but we were still allowed to walk around the area.

I managed to take these snaps yesterday.



Sculptures by the Sea 2014

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The last sculptures exhibition we went to was the one by Sydney Harbour. But it is that time of the year once again to head down Bondi and Tamarama to check out the annual Sculptures by the Sea.

Here’s a few of the choice pics I managed to take.

Sculptures that stand out

Jenolan Caves are both scary and breathtaking

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We continued our little holiday visiting Jenolan Caves which is a good 3-hour drive from Sydney (traffic included). Here’s how the caves are described by Wiki:

Jenolan Caves are caves in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia; 175 kilometres west of Sydney. They are the most visited of several similar groups in the limestone of the country, and the most ancient discovered open caves in the world.[1][2] They include numerous Silurian marine fossils[3] and the calcite formations, sometimes pure white, are noted for their beauty.[4] The cave network is very large, with over 40 km of multi-level passages, and the complex is still undergoing active exploration. The caves are a popular tourist destination, with several kilometres of the caves rendered accessible to paying visitors and well lit.[5]

Nice summary. 

And in case you need some coordinates, I have them right here via Google Maps.

The Drive Up

The drive out of Sydney and particularly in Jenolan Caves Road was relaxing and scenic, as these pictures would suggest. 

The 30-minute lunch break

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I had another rare 30 minutes for lunch the other day and the sun was out. What to do, what to do? Oh, I know..
Time for a ‘Garden’ frolic

And now for some epic panorama shots