Job Market Demand August 2014

The Job Market

The last Job Market Demand came out in Super Easter, that was quite a while ago now, and it’s high time we have a quick glance at what the market is doing. Has it picked up, or has it plummeted even further into the abyss?

Unlike other JMD posts, I’ll keep this one as short and succinct as I can.

Job Market Demand Easter 2014

The Job Market

Welcome back to the Job Market Demand updates, Easter 2014 edition.

There’s been no dramatic changes in the economy at a local, regional and international level that would have caused me to check these numbers earlier; and that’s just the way we like it around here.

But despite that, its high time we check those numbers again given that our last report was a few months ago.

Job Market Demand Welcomes 2014!

The Job Market

It’s been a little bit more than a month into the new year and there’s been plenty of activity thus far – not all have been for the right reasons.

Just recently we received this news from our Stat Bureau:

The jobless rate has shot up to 6 per cent, its highest level in more than a decade, as 3700 jobs were removed from the economy, official figures show.

There were 7100 full-time positions lost and 3400 part-time jobs added, the Bureau of Statistics data for January showed.

And of course a couple of days ago, we had this story on Toyota’s closure. Here’s a snippet from Ross Gittins column of that article:

You think 35,000 is a huge number of jobs to be lost? It isn’t. It’s 0.3 per cent of all jobs, equivalent to about two months’ net job creation in a normal year. You think this could put the economy into recession? We’re overdue for another recession but this isn’t nearly big enough to be the main cause of one.

Ross has spoken! Now let’s have a closer look at what he’s on about.

Job Market Demand: 2013 Year End

The Job Market

A few months have past since the RBA have lowered interest rates, and my last report for that matter. So it’s high time that I check the impact of the lowered rates with the jobs advertised in our largest job search engine. And so what effect has the lowered interest rates had on our numbers?

Raw Numbers

Hmm. That might be a little bit too much to digest all at once. Here’s what I believe is going on: