Lessons when you don’t breakeven

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This post is a sequel to Old Fashion Viral post.

If that post is too long, here’s a 1-line summary: Our collective group organised a day event to sell our designs and spread the word about our group.

Now the market day flew by and it was a — failure. There’s no need to beat around the bush, when you don’t break even, then you just lost money.

But if profitability is the only success measure, then unfortunately the group must be a sad basket case. Thank god, we’re more than that.

So it’s time to lick our wounds and throw down a few hard lessons learned.

Making a better Lorem Ipsum

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We are fans of Lorem Ipsum here at Collective Network.

HUGE fans like most of the people that use it. It is a great way to add some copy to quickly visualise a design during its initial stages.

The problem with Lorem Ipsum is that its value diminishes after those initial iterations when both client and designer have refined their work. What is actually required after this point is a better Lorem Ipsum.

A lorem ipsum generator that creates content, copy and design, based on a category. Wouldn’t it be nice if the tool would then generate a filtered list of content, helping the user’s focus during those crucial first steps?

I would like to share a message that I thought was so profound by our new Prime Minister. When asked about his wealth, he answered the interviewer by saying he was extraordinarily lucky in life:

“The important thing is to have the emotional intelligence and the empathy and the imagination that enables you to walk in somebody else’s shoes,” he said when asked how he would relate to ordinary Australians. 

“To be able to sit down with them on a train or in the street, hear their story, and have the imagination to understand how they feel. Emotional intelligence is probably the most important asset for – certainly for anyone in my line of work. 

“I remember when I was a partner of Goldman Sachs in New York, very successful investment bank, everyone was earning very big money. The chairman, the Chief Executive of the firm gave a pep talk to the partners. He said ‘We’re doing well. We’re making lots of money ’cause we work hard.” And we deserve it.’ I said to him afterwards just quietly I said ‘You know, there are taxi drivers in this city that work much longer hours than anyone does here. And they don’t earn very much at all.’ So the truth is, we don’t really deserve our good fortune.”

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When apps fail

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In the past month, a couple of problems have hit 2 different apps that I rely on to store some information.

The first time it happened, I simply shrugged it off and said to myself “Well, that’s just tough luck isn’t it?

The second time it happened (different app), I had to take a step back and think “What is wrong here? Is it the app, is it Apple or do I have a problem? Am I just too reliant on certain apps?


I had a chance to reflect more on the topic and I have come to the conclusion that I have a problem. People that sell apps, market the need to us, that’s their job. And along the same vein, it is my job to ask the question “Do I need this? What am I doing now to fix the problem? Is there even a problem? Or is it simply a want?I have clearly failed myself.

Useful Chrome Extensions

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I’ve been going through and adding a couple of Chrome extensions this morning and thought that sharing my extensions would make for a useful post.

These are my extensions of choice, grouped under appropriate category/use. They help me stay productive by either saving time or helping me avoid unnecessary errors (or both).

Everyday extensions

  • Chrome Pocket – With just one click, the extension saves the page in your pocket app for later reading (simply open Pocket to retrieve your articles).
  • Evernote Web Clipper There are times I want to add an article or an image directly to Evernote, this is where this extension comes in. When I crawl through websites and find something useful for my notes (in Evernote), all I have to do is clip it.
  • Grammarly – A ‘must have‘ for people who write a lot. I recently added Grammarly and it works like a charm with WordPress (refer to images). They do have a premium plan with added ‘bells and whistles’ but the free version works like a charm.