Making a better Lorem Ipsum

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We are fans of Lorem Ipsum here at Collective Network.

HUGE fans like most of the people that use it. It is a great way to add some copy to quickly visualise a design during its initial stages.

The problem with Lorem Ipsum is that its value diminishes after those initial iterations when both client and designer have refined their work. What is actually required after this point is a better Lorem Ipsum.

A lorem ipsum generator that creates content, copy and design, based on a category. Wouldn’t it be nice if the tool would then generate a filtered list of content, helping the user’s focus during those crucial first steps?

I just published my latest class on Skillshare:

I previously covered these rules in the following posts:

I go through the design process in much greater depth in the Skillshare class.

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Designing Online Images part 3: The Rule of Space

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I covered The Rule of Odds in the last post of this online designing series and now it’s time to wrap things up by looking at the Rule of Space.  

The Rule

The Rule of Space is defined in Wiki as follows:

The rule of space applies to artwork (photography, advertising, illustration) picturing object(s) to which the artist wants to apply the illusion of movement, or which is supposed to create a contextual bubble in the viewer’s mind.

This can be achieved, for instance, by leaving white space in the direction the eyes of a portrayed person are looking, or, when picturing a runner, adding white space in front of him rather than behind him to indicate movement.

And once again, the technique is more commonly used in digital photography:

Photo credit: DSC_0070 by andy_c on Flickr