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The Moroccan adventure continues with Ash who in the first post, described why Morocco has been on his Bucketlist for years, then proceeded to guide us through the old cities of Rabat, Tangier and Chefchaoen.  

Let’s continue our travel with our man Ash..


My hotel in Chefchaoen was a family run boutique hotel owned by an Italian man and his local wife, with quirky and individually designed bedrooms at multiple levels linked by narrow and winding stairs. They also owned an adjoining handicraft store which serves to support their income from their hotel business. 

THE TRAVEL BUG EPISODE 28: Magical Morocco

The Travel Bug

It’s been a while since our last Travel Bug post but Ash is back with this 3-part mini series. We travel alongside our good friend right through the heart of Morocco via Kuala Lumpur and discover the allure of the country, its culture and people. 

Without further ado..

The Magic of Morocco, part 1

Morocco has always been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember; however, I did not find the time or opportunity to visit this exotic destination. Imagine my surprise when a mutual friend of a work colleague mentioned at lunch a couple of months ago, that he had inherited a house in Marrakesh, which he was happy to provide to any of four of us if we were ever headed that way.

Separately, he invited me to travel with him in September. Accepting his gracious offer, I started researching and planning my trip and arranging a tourist visa. (This is not normally required for most countries). I had visions of the Sahara Desert, camels, colourful carpets and handicraft associated with Morocco, not to mention Humphrey Bogart and delightful Casablanca.

Travelling next door

The Travel Bug

The last time I went on a holiday was in July for the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay. That was more a long weekend than a holiday so I was really itching for one. 

I always thought of New Zealand as an “It’s just there!” country and I had the “I’ll get to it one day.” attitude. Well, that one day turned out to be now. 

I’ll now curate through some snaps of the trip as pictures can really tell the story more than words. And besides, I took 2000 pics in a week so I do have some material behind me (but don’t worry, I’ll only use a select few on this post).

Here we go.. 

Festival Magic

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This is a personal account of my experience at Splendour in the Grass, a music festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

It’s been over a month since the festival rocked my foundations and gave my soul a musical awakening. Now is as good a time as any to diarise the events.

I went to Splendour with my work bumchum KC. It’s fair enough to say that he is not as big a music groupie as I am, but he is big on trying new things and exploring Byron — and that’s the kind of spirit that makes for a great partner on a weekend like this.

Let me begin.

The Travel Bug episode 27: A new beginning

The Travel Bug

PC green brown

Today marks a new beginning for The Travel Bug with this tasty new blog from Ash, another old friend who will be sharing a few tall travel tales from his trip to Malaysia and India. 

The tone of this series will be very different to my man Dave (more culture-soaking, less partying). Nevertheless, Ash gives us an incredibly entertaining look into his experience travelling in this part of the world.

And so without further ado..

Digging up the past

This is a travel log of our correspondent’s visit to his hometown in Malaysia and a lightning tour of certain historical sites in India.

I have always been drawn to certain historical place in India but had not put them high enough on my bucket list. An opportunity came up in mid-Jan to take three weeks off work. I thought I could combine visiting family in Malaysia with checking out these places in India.

The Travel Bug Episode 26: US National Park road trip and the final farewell

The Travel Bug
PC @ ThoughtsHere’s an episode I dreaded: Dave’s final one! I felt immensely sad when I went through this post, particularly reflecting back on his 25 posts that preceded this one. Dave actually kept on travelling after this, as he mentions at the end of this post, but this was his last entry on his personal journal. Perhaps I can cajole him to write more about those experiences in the future..?  
At any rate, welcome one and all to the finale of an EPIC road trip across the US. This post will surely satisfy all with wanderlust to drive and explore national parks and comparing experiences through different places with different people.
And so without further ado..


Too Yellowstone



was headed off on another extended drive, this time, I was heading to Wyoming; I was up at five in the morning, which is what happens when no beers are consumed the night before, my first stop being Devils Tower. This is the mountain featured in Spielberg’s classic sci-fi Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, if you don’t know this movie then you either not a sci-Fi fan or you’re too young to know this movie.