Sydney ports

Street Walks

It’s quite easy to take your own neighborhood for granted. You live it every day as you walk by her streets, which takes the luster out of the area. And for where I live, there’s a little bit of history that comes along with it.

You see I live in Balmain, an inner western suburb in NSW and almost a stone throw away from the center of Sydney. This has been a traditionally blue collar working class area and the ports here in White Bay (which sits on the Balmain peninsula) have some history behind it from the Steam Saw Mill in 1854 to the ship builders in the early 1900s.

Hipster Spot: Precinct 75

Street Walks

I found myself stumbling onto Precinct 75 by reading a post from another WordPress blogger (a post about Buttercream shop).

While I still haven’t been able to locate Buttercream, my fault as I did not check the address, I was successful in finding my new home to grab a coffee and hangout on Saturday mornings. 

A fine Winter

Street Walks

Last Sunday, the 26th of July was a fine Winter’s day. It was 20 degrees, felt more like Spring, and the heavens were quite kind to the wonderful people of Sydney. 


This day also happened to be my birthday and we celebrated by going to The Australian Heritage Hotel, a pub known for serving up Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile. The last time I was here, I had the croc pizza. I found it chewy, salty and it reminded me of chicken. Obviously having it in a pizza kinda masked the taste but I remember leaving it in my mouth for a bit just to really taste it. This time around, my father-in-law wanted to try kangaroo, and so we headed up here as it is one of the few places that I know which serves it up.