One of the most challenging questions I have received from a newbie of an Instagram group that I ran was “I want to take good pictures. Can you show me what to do?” Now I am an iPhone only happy-snapper so I was quite flattered that this person even asked.

I answered her question by rabbiting on about focusing and to keep things simple, being conscious about light, the rule of thirds, contrast, blah blah blah. I lost her after a minute, so I had to take a step back and say “what about I write a post about it and share it with you.

This is not a technical article on photography. As I said I am an iPhone guy.

I can best describe myself as someone who likes taking moments because frankly, that’s what you do with your phone. I generally focus on capturing culture — walls, beaches, people etc. The best photos I take are usually random and as such, I like storing that moment as it is with very little post-processing.

What I’m not at ‘the moment’ (pardon the pun) is a heavy camera with equipment guy that goes to a location and waits for a specific moment to come to him. I run into moments, I don’t set-up shop and wait around for them.

And it goes without saying that I don’t do client work and I also don’t take photos with intent of having them framed in the back of my mind (but I’d be more than happy to frame shots if the photo ends up that way).

So let me start with what catches me as a photographer.

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There’s no place like — Iceland!

Arts, Inspiration

An interview with Bjorn Valdimarsson

We don’t often have a chance to interview people who inspire us and so imagine my excitement when I received the opportunity to have a chat with Bjorn — one of my favourite photographers.

Bjorn and I go through all things photography, from what got him started, to the equipment, photo subjects and a whole lot more.

Let’s dig right in.

Hi Bjorn, thanks for accepting this invitation to do an interview.

Not a problem at all. My pleasure really.

So let’s start off with — what got you into photography?

Well, I first came interested in photography almost thirty years ago when I started to follow some young Icelandic photographers that had a new and different approach in their work. Then I began to look at other photographers work and slowly to make my own photos. Sometimes I’ve been shooting a lot, sometimes less.