Spent Friday night donating my time for a fundraiser for MND research and it was well worth it!

This was a first for me and I really didn’t know what to expect; I certainly didn’t expect the 600-strong guests in the event nor that the plan we were given went out the door as soon as the guests arrived. I was meant to show guests their seats but when the people started rolling in, one of the stalls that were selling cubic zirconia earrings was undermanned. But I certainly didn’t mind as we all had to chip in where required.

The highlight of the night was the live auction where a few people bid on several items. I had the privilege of backing 3 winning tables including an 11-year old (well, it was really the mother of the child who was giving the child instructions, who in turn turned to me for the bid).  I backed another bidder who at first didn’t believe he won, not because he won mind you, but because he believed he actually parted with a lot more than he was expecting – which made me a little nervous as I didn’t know what that meant under the spotlight of the crowd. He thankfully laughed it off and had another drink after that.

All in all, it was a great evening where records fell and everyone had a good time. Will I do it again? I sure will and I really hope that with make headwinds with trying to find a cure.

This is your trusty worker signing out til the next event.

Over and out.


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