Sydney ports

Street Walks

It’s quite easy to take your own neighborhood for granted. You live it every day as you walk by her streets, which takes the luster out of the area. And for where I live, there’s a little bit of history that comes along with it.

You see I live in Balmain, an inner western suburb in NSW and almost a stone throw away from the center of Sydney. This has been a traditionally blue collar working class area and the ports here in White Bay (which sits on the Balmain peninsula) have some history behind it from the Steam Saw Mill in 1854 to the ship builders in the early 1900s.

I knew that the streets had some secrets behind it and I’m quite a curious type. So I began to do some research which I’ve embedded in my Instagram feed. 

Wiki has this to say about White Bay:

White Bay is named after John White, the naval surgeon aboard the First Fleet to Australia in 1788.[1] Since the nineteenth century the bay has been used for water-based transport and industrial activities. In conjunction with adjacent Glebe Island it has been a multipurpose port, owned and controlled by the Government of New South Wales since 1901.[2][3] It caters for container handling, break bulk cargo (timber, paper, motor vehicles and steel) and dry bulk cargoes (cement, sugar, gypsum, aggregates, etc.).

That’s just a little bit of context about the area. Here’s what it looks like around the ports.


These shots were taken on a Sunday when no one is around (save for the random car that passes through). Note: the weekday tells a very different story as the port comes to life with all the workers. 

I’ve had a lot of fun going through this little series of shots around the port while going through some history. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to do it again sometime in the future.


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