Well, this was definitely not planned. It was one of those things that just kinda happened…you get into a routine, you stick with it, you keep going, before you know it you got 3 months, half a year, 3 quarters…then BOOM! One whole year of the gym!

How does something like this ‘kinda‘ happen?  To be fair, the gym was no accident – it was definitely by design. It started a while back, which then progressed to my last post, and ended up right here on this post.

And to be completely honest, I did go on some golden holidays during Chrissy – but I still went to the gym in the hotel.  

Rain, searing summer heat, smashing gale force wind?  No problems.

There were a few times I felt pretty rubbish…damn right ordinary. BUT I still managed to drag my lazy bum to the gym and had enough energy to muster half an hour (instead of the standard 45 min – 1 hour set). Now I wouldn’t actually condone this if you were running a temperature or something similar, but if it’s something minor which you feel you can live with, and if you’re really you’re really up for it, then why not? But do your body a favour: listen to it, minimise the work, go home and do make sure to rest.

During this incredible run, I’ve managed to recognise how my body reacts and adjusts, changing my exercises to suit and cut myself to a leaner, healthier me. Here are a few shots from my Instagram:

My diet has pretty much stayed the same throughout: I eat my standard yogurt and fruits in the morning, have a small lunch consisting of sushi during warmer periods and soup during winter, and monster through whatever is in front of me during dinner (that’s probably not the best way to do it, but I don’t watch my diet like a hawk – I pretty much eat what I want). The weekend is another story; anything goes during lunch and dinner time, and once again I restrict myself too much (but I do try to limit junk).

Could I adjust and make improvements with the gym and my food intake? Absolutely!  I’m in no mad rush and I’ll get to it done one day.

Meeting the locals

Now you can just imagine that going to the local gym everyday means that you get to say hello to everyone on a first name basis. That is only partially right for a small number of people. There are so many others that have dropped out for one reason or another; some are seasonal, some just grunt “hello’s“, some just don’t, some are in the zone, one girl was pregnant and others have disappeared altogether.

It is a little bit weird to start a conversation at 6:30 – 7 am when you’re in a rush trying to get through a routine. But I try. It’s always good to say “g’day” when I possibly can.

How long will this continue?

I have zero idea. I really doubt that I’ll be on this path for 2 years straight. I don’t mind missing a day or 2 here and there, but I don’t think I can go to my old self where I do home gym and miss the strict routine that being in the gym enforces.

Going to the gym and feeling alive in the morning is such a great way to start the day. I’m sure to blog more about it in the future.

Until then – do take care of yourself too :)



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