5 Minutes With Adrian From Shutteraid

We’re back again with our series on the people behind the Collective Network.
This time around, we’re digging up a little more of Aid from ShutterAid as he walks us through his story in brief; his rock star upbringing, to his love of photography, right down to his prediction for himself.
Let’s hear it from this one talented dude.

What are the earliest memories you had as a child?

Hmm this is a tough one, as my memory isn’t the great at the best of times but I’d have to say my earliest childhood memory would be when I ran out into the middle of the stage at one of my old man’s band gigs and started rocking out with my little ukulele much to his and the band’s surprise.

I’m told though the crowd loved it haha!

Alright! You were rocking as an ankle biter!

Now I know your tech is your day job. Is one of your parents into tech? Or did you have a close family member introduce you to the industry?

My father got me into technology, as he is a bit of a tech head himself. Growing up I developed a keen interest in it which is partly the reason why I entered into IT.

He was also a musician in a rock band when he was younger which is where I get my love of music and creativity from I guess and love of photography.

Were you quite creative as a kid? Photography, drawing, sketching, craftwork etc?

To be honest, I don’t think I was that good at anything really creative, it wasn’t till I hit my teens however where I guess my creativity started kicking in.

Although I will say I have always been a visual person.


And what was your first job?

My first job was in high school where I worked at Woolworths in the perishables section, nothing too glamorous.

We all have to start somewhere!

So if you were not in IT, what would you be doing?

Well if I wasn’t working in IT and could do anything I dare say I would be travelling the world documenting its lush landscapes and the beautiful people and cities that inhabit it with camera in hand.

When you look back at your photos, what is the most common style / theme that constantly comes up?

In relation to my photography, this is a tough one as I shoot a multitude of different things.

My goal though in every image I create is to try to imbue feeling and mood even in my landscape shots – I’m not always successfully, haha – as these are the images types of images I like to look at and are typically the ones that stay with people longer.

What’s the process you go through when taking shots and finally sharing them? How do you start and what are the steps to completion?

My photographic process differs depending on what I’m shooting. For example, if I’m shooting landscapes or abandoned buildings, I will research the area first then go out and shoot, similar if I’m shooting a portrait I’ll have an idea or rough idea of what I’m after before shooting. Although in saying that sometimes I’ll just wing it.

Once I have the images, the process becomes quite simple. I download all the images from the shoot to my file storage, import it into Lightroom then sort through them flagging the images I like or think have potential. I then begin processing them in Lightroom.

Once processed I’ll sometimes I’ll also share the images on my various social media account too.


Do you dabble in music? Is music part of your design process?

Not really, about 14 years ago I dabbled with making electronic music but it was more of a distraction from the Uni Work I should have been doing.

Music is a big part of my photographic process, I’ve found that the music I listen to influences and shapes the way I take and edit my images.

Outside your work, are you into photography? Is there a particular subject that you like taking?

For better or for worse I’ve found that I’m a bit of a generalist when it comes to my photography. I don’t love one style/subjects more than another, I love all styles/subjects equally.

If you are lacking inspiration, what do you do to spark creativity?

For me my creativity can be re-ignited in many ways, sometimes it will be through just hanging out with family/friends, listening to music, watching a film, reading, going to a gallery, changing of scenery etc.

Creativity is quite funny right? You just don’t know where it will come from sometimes.

So who inspires you? Who should we follow?

Well photographically I have a lot of inspirations, below is a short list of the ones I can remember.

  • Jovana Rikalo
  • PortraitsBySam
  • Eli Locardi
  • Lauren Naylor
  • Lindsy Adler
  • Joe McNally
  • Jeremy Cowart
  • Erik Almas
  • Frank Doorhof
  • Sur Bryce
  • Silvina Prieto
  • Jay Kreens
  • Nicola Bernardi
  • Alessio Albi
  • Glen Dewis
  • Elke Vogelsang
  • Joe Plasmatico
  • Riccardo Piffer
  • Marc Adamus
  • Nicholas Roemmelt
  • 嘉武 张

Haha, this is only but a small fraction of the list of photographers that inspire me, I recommend locating and checking them out. Most of them can be found on either Instagram or 500px.com

In a parallel universe, would you do anything else?

As mentioned above if I was able to I would be travelling the world documenting it’s lush landscapes and the beautiful people and cities that inhabit it, with camera in hand.

And so where does Aid see himself in 3 – 5 years time?

Well, I think I’m coming to a cross road at the moment so in the next three to 3-5 years I see myself either shooting professionally, still working in IT but as management and/or selling everything I own to travel for a while haha.

Not sure if that answers the question!

Yep, it does and that’s fair enough.

Last one: What gets you out of bed?

The curiosity to see what the new day will bring.

About this post

This post was first published here.

We are incredibly impressed by our very own Adrian and with his body of work thus far. Thanks for sharing your story @aiddy81 and you know we got your back!

We’ll see you shortly in our next 5 minutes.

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