Gym stories: More intros and the record continues


The regulars

I’ve made some progress with getting to know my gym neighbours.

Matt and I run in the same circle. He works for one of the other banks and we all (including his wife) worked for the Securities Exchange at some point. Yes, what an incredibly small world.

Matt’s routine consists of heavy cycling and some light weights, which is pretty similar to what I do, save for the cycling.

There is Vlad who comes around twice a week and hits the weights hard. Vlad is the kind of guy who will bench press for 20 seconds then takes a 5-minute break (then he starts the routine again). He also does a lot of stretches.  

Vlad is the kind of guy who will bench press for 20 seconds then stops for a 5-minute pause. He’ll pace around the gym before he starts his routine again.   

He also does a lot of stretches.  

There was also a pregnant lady (can’t remember her name) who I used to talk to, but she hasn’t been dropping by the gym lately too. Her routine consisted of walking on the treadmill – which is, I suppose, one of the few things you can do when pregnant.

We still wave at each other when she finishes from the pool and passes outside the gym. 

Other than those 3, I haven’t really had a chance to have a conversation with the rest. I still see the other regulars and we all wave our ‘good mornings‘ and ‘have a good day‘ when we can, which is common courtesy and a nice thing to do when you see a familiar face.

Clumsy fails

I slipped from the yoga ball the other week while doing sit-ups. I quickly looked around to see if anyone caught the slip and I suspect that one girl saw moment (which isn’t bad considering the gym was packed on this day). I had my little laugh to myself, calling myself a freak along the way, dusted myself off and went back at it.

Thankfully, I haven’t any bad accidents in the gym (touch wood).

I have seen people slip up like I had – seems to be common on the treadmill and with the yoga folk. But there have been times when I think –

Oh man, he/she is really struggling over there. I hope they don’t pass out.” 

It’s a terrible thought, but there are a few that really push the boundaries – and you can sense it by the heavy breathing. I wouldn’t want that to happen on anyone. 

An incredible record

My incredible record continues – I have now been going 169 days in a row

I will have some challenges with the upcoming Christmas break as we are going to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay (I’ll be taking loads of snaps). 

Our hotel will have a gym so I can still go for my morning routine. That’s the theory anyway, let’s see how we actually go.

My actual routine

The gym routine goes like this: shadow box to 2 songs as warm-up.

Shadow boxing to music does 2 things:

  1. It works my entire body from core, to arms and legs. The constant motion builds strength in every part of the body – when I first started 5 years ago, I lost 10 kilos in under a month (and I am maintaining my weight to this day with this exercise).
  2.   It helps keep my mind sharp by helping the connection between my body movement with what I hear. I liken it to hand-eye coordination exercises except I use the beat to dictate my movement. This really helps my reflexes stay fresh and keeps me feeling young.

After the shadow box warm-up, I hit the yoga ball for my core workout (sit-ups with the ball helps alleviate potential back problems i.e. situps straight on the mat). 

Then it’s bench pressing my own weight.

I finish off with chin-ups / pull-ups. 

Then I cycle through that routine again twice over. 

Sometimes I think, ‘should I do more weights?‘ but then I always come back to the conversation I had with a great man who said to always stay fit i.e. keep the ol’ height-weight ratio in check. Then that thought goes away and I’m back lifting my own weight. 

Random thoughts

And just like before, I’ve been hit by more random thoughts while working out:

Hmm, what should I listen to this morning?


It’s a great day outside, why are you not running outside instead?

[Someone on treadmill]

Should I say hello to him/her? No, they’re in a zone.


whoops – did he/she just wave goodbye and I missed it?” 


I wonder if the pool is free now?

[Waiting for swimmers to pass by the gym after a swim]

Yep, that’s fine. I can skip the bench press for today.

[Body after body hitting the bench press]

Maybe I should try that routine?


Hurry and finish up – you’re going to be late for work!


I’m usually in a zone and don’t think about much. But thoughts like the above creep in now and then.

Gym fit is not Basketball fit

Basketball was once my favourite sport. I gave it up more than 10 years ago as I remember my knees creak and my back ache in my final few games. To be fair, I was 10 kilos heavier than I am now and exercise routine was non-existent.

But a few of the guys at work are big bball fans and kept asking me to organise something so that’s just what I did:

And here I am when I subbed myself off:

So how did I feel after the game? I actually felt great – my back was fine and my knees held up. I had a few scratches from skidding down for loose balls but other than that, I held up quite well.

But one thing still remained true: Gym fit does not make one Basketball fit (or any other sport for that matter). I guess the only exception to the rule is if you train specifically for that sport in the gym, which I don’t. 

I did feel great however and I organised another game in early January. Nothing like shaking off the cobwebs and remembering an old dance (so to speak).

About this post


This is more than just a gym post. This post is more about building a healthy mind and lifestyle. I can’t exercise one without co-operation from the other.

And it keeps me fresh in the morning and sets up my day…and that’s really important.

Balance is key.

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