A trip to the MCA

About a month ago I checked out the annual Sculptures by Sea and I promised myself that it was high time to go back to the MCA.  
Well, I kept that promise and hightailed my way over there.

What happened next was a sensory overload.


Here are some highlights that greeted me on the first floor.

Other art types

Short film

This short film was being played in somewhere in a darkened room.

The Cafe

Even the cafe upstairs was wonderful.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

3-for-1. A shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a giant P&O ship – and a man taking a photo of both.


Now I probably rushed through it during my lunch time so will have to take a longer trip next time. But I am so glad to have taken the time, I was energised and pumped for the afternoon after this visit.


About this post

PC @ Thoughts

One of the great things about experiences like this is that it is good to record it and save it. It’s always good to play it back at some future date just to inspire the creative juices.

Just like looking at shoebox of old photographs back in the old days.

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