About the recent events

What's Up?

I was in shocked like most of us when the entire Paris bombings happened. I felt sad, numb and confused. 

So much so that I really did not think it was appropriate to put up my 3x daily updates up on Instagram. How could I put up snapshots of my life when far bigger things were going down in the world? 

This was my own way of respecting the tragic loss of human life over my own trivial updates.

What I did find strange though were the updates everyone else was putting up, ranging from marketing product to sharing pictures of their great lives. Although I did not necessarily agree that those updates were fitting with recent events, I recognise that we are all different – and that’s the beauty of this world: to appreciate another and think “Wow that’s an entirely different perspective.”

And I also recognise that there is no room in this world for hate, it is what got us here in the first place. So as we all come out of our shell, I sincerely hope that humanity rises up from this mess.

Here’s to a better world!

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