How I use the WordPress app

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Fresh from publishing How to select a WordPress theme, I have progressed well into my video series on creating websites. I have now put together a vid for how I use the WordPress app: 

I generally use the app for creating and editing posts as well as checking out all new posts from my subscriptions in the Reader. I realise that you can also create pages as well as other more complex functions but I tend to leave those for the desktop.

This video was supposed to be part of my MVP for my video tutorials on Skillshare but alas recording a tutorial on iPhone results in a lower image resolution; which is a problem for the Skillshare platform. So I thought, ‘hey if it wasn’t meant to be then it’s not meant to be. I might as well make use of this video and share it on YouTube‘. 

And I guess it serves as a good pre-launch promo.

As it stands I should have the entire series wrapped up sometime in November. Let’s see how we go. 

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I’ll aim to add one more YouTube video prior to launch just to build the MVP a bit more. And as always, I would be happy to receive any comments on the video. Feedback will always help me refine the MVP further.

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