Gym stories: The Ice breaker and the Record


The ice has been broken

Not long after I published my post on gym stories, I noticed someone in the gym say goodbye to another person who they previously never made any contact previously (not to my knowledge and I’ve been going to the gym for a bit now – more on this later).

What happened in the past was I tended to say hello to everyone – but no one said hello to anyone else.

Well, now the ice has been broken.

Now I have noticed 2 of the regulars I say hello to each other. This is an incredibly positive change in our little gym community because the stranger-next-to-me syndrome is now my-neighbour-next-me. I might be dreaming the vibe up in my head, but I am sensing that we are more at ease with each, which is a great thing.

An incredible record

My Habit List is now telling me that I have cracked the 100-day gym mark. That is, 100 days consecutively in the gym (yes, including weekends). 

Yes, I realise that this not be the smartest thing to do as your body does need to rest. And yes there have been times where I’m at the gym and I feel that something doesn’t feel right; like the early symptoms of a cold or something along those lines. During those days where I feel that something is not quite right, I cut the gym time short and do lighter duties. But I think I have only faced that situation 3x within the 100 days.

There are days when it pours and I still go through my daily ritual:

For me, the gym is more than just about physical fitness; it’s also part a ritual, a habit that sets me up to have the best possible day. I also feel that when my body has gone through its paces, that my mind has a better chance of performing better.

And honestly I have no excuse not to go as it’s a minute away.

Random thoughts

The strangest things pop into my mind when I’m working out:

That’s for the brownie last night!


How in the world are they able to do that?

[Someone doing yoga]

He should be finishing with that machine in 3…2…1…


I’m going to turn the AC off. The entire point is to sweat.” 


Ugh, they didn’t even pretend to wipe the sweat off the machine.


“Uh oh.”

[Walking into a packed gym]

So-and-so is not here today. Tsk, tsk…slackness!


I’m going to turn the AC on. Too damn hot in here!


The most random things pop into my head I swear.

And the gym

I’ve been able to capture myself in the gym during weekends when it’s usually just me myself and I.


And I’ve also been able to record.


Perhaps the most challenging thing in the gym is not the workout, but the mental toughness to go through your paces when no one is around as there is always the temptation to slack off. I must admit it’s easier when people are around as you see everyone else going through their normal routine too – but when you’re by yourself the temptation is there.

Thankfully I’ve been able to push through by either setting a timebox for routine (iPhone timer is set) or switching from music to a podcast or vice versa (keeps the mind from wandering).

Not sure when I’ll stop. Let’s see how long this streak will go for.

About this post


This is more than just a gym post. This post is more about building a healthy mind and lifestyle. I can’t exercise one without co-operation from the other.

And it keeps me fresh in the morning after my latest initiative.

Balance is key.

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