Late last year I dedicated this year to trying something new out. So what have I done so far?

Idea storage

Well, I have documented a few of my ideas in Evernote, which helps me pull up my idea on the fly using my the mobile app in case I have more thoughts to add. Evernote is also good that way in that I can pull it up and add something new. Of course, ideas are worth nothing without the execution..


Activity: Jan-Mar 15

I joined a few Meetups and exchanged ideas with folks but generally found the meetup scene in Sydney lacking in drive. The guys that I did meet were looking for others to innovate and were offering themselves as helping hands (marketers, developers etc.)


There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but the people that I really want to meet were people who were in the process of launching their own business / startup or they were already in it (so that I could exchange ideas).

Perhaps it was just bad timing but I really did not meet anyone of note in the scene.

If you can’t beat them..

Activity: Apr 15

So I decided to change my approach altogether and decided to join an established one. Easier said than done when you have a family and a full-time job.

My notable moment in this path is making the cut for an interview with an up-and-coming startup based in Europe. The interview was conducted remotely (of course) via Skype, and although I did do well, at that stage, they did not have any immediate roles that would suit my skill set and experience.

Finding a startup role remotely is not impossible, but the opportunities are few and far between.

The best thing to come out of this was that I still maintain the relationship with one of the founders. You just never know.

A new challenge

Activity: May-Jul 15

Now that I’ve hit a fork in the road with this entire startup thing, an opportunity fell on my lap to design and develop an online magazine website. And so I took a few months developing The Travellist with the editor.

All up, creating this site with the editor was an incredibly rewarding experience. It helped add a few experience points in working with WordPress. And even more importantly, it helped me understand how to work effectively with a client as a freelancer.

I have the option to pursue this avenue a little bit more, but I needed to take a step back and think, “What is this really adding to my career? How will this help me launch something big?

Although freelancing might pad my experience with new clients, I am not so sure that it will help me with my startup.

But freelancing might add something to the bottom line and that’s always nice-to-have.


Activity: Aug-Oct 15

Fresh from creating The Travellist, I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach the entire process of creating a website, from planning to design and development. All the courses I have seen on the web focus on just one thing.


And so now I have to ask myself again “What is this really adding to my career? How will this help me launch something big?” Well, if I teach and achieve a moderate amount of success (people enrolling) then at the very least it should help raise my profile. 

Finding the correct platform is key and based on my research to date, I’ll be doing this in SkillShare.

At the time of writing, I have gone through my first iteration of recording all the videos. I am hoping to go live with my first course later this month or sometime next (Nov).

There is no quit in me

I have not given up on the entire startup avenue and launching something special.

I decided to give Meetups another chance and joined a fresh new group. And perhaps I’ll attend some old Meetups again because you just never know.

It’s all about hitting the right idea at the right time.

And meeting the right people who will help you take it to the next level.

What's Up?

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