I would like to share a message that I thought was so profound by our new Prime Minister. When asked about his wealth, he answered the interviewer by saying he was extraordinarily lucky in life:

“The important thing is to have the emotional intelligence and the empathy and the imagination that enables you to walk in somebody else’s shoes,” he said when asked how he would relate to ordinary Australians. 

“To be able to sit down with them on a train or in the street, hear their story, and have the imagination to understand how they feel. Emotional intelligence is probably the most important asset for – certainly for anyone in my line of work. 

“I remember when I was a partner of Goldman Sachs in New York, very successful investment bank, everyone was earning very big money. The chairman, the Chief Executive of the firm gave a pep talk to the partners. He said ‘We’re doing well. We’re making lots of money ’cause we work hard.” And we deserve it.’ I said to him afterwards just quietly I said ‘You know, there are taxi drivers in this city that work much longer hours than anyone does here. And they don’t earn very much at all.’ So the truth is, we don’t really deserve our good fortune.”

Cheers to Malcolm Turnbull for being able to step out of his own skin and see the bigger picture.

Now can he change the current economic outlook for our country?

Time will tell.


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