Hipster Spot: Precinct 75

Street Walks

I found myself stumbling onto Precinct 75 by reading a post from another WordPress blogger (a post about Buttercream shop).

While I still haven’t been able to locate Buttercream, my fault as I did not check the address, I was successful in finding my new home to grab a coffee and hangout on Saturday mornings. 

The Precinct itself hosts a diverse range of shops from cafes to hip shops, to an inviting bar (unfortunately closed during the day time), to morning markets and even axe throwing. I have captured some of these snaps through my IG:





An axe collection. You must be in #maniax #stpeters #collection #axe #interiordesign

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I’ve been there 3 times over now but still feel that I haven’t fully explored all the things that it offers. I’ll have to continue this adventure shortly.

About this post

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These little trivial discoveries make a big difference to my happiness meter. It is one fresh street walk.

I’ll continue this post shortly with my favorite shop of the entire precinct.

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