I recently made a comment to my son that he eats more than I do when I heard my wife order 2x sushi for lunch.

He then replied that “I only have one. I give the other to George.

Who in the world is George?

I have heard his name mentioned a few times in the household, but he’s not one my son’s close friends (close, but not top 5). I’m not the primary carer with school drop-offs and pick-ups so I don’t know the ‘who’s who in the zoo?‘ But my son has mentioned him a few times, but that was apple or some other fruit sharing.

And the wife claims to have told me about sharing lunch with George (to be fair, she’s probably right, some information goes in and out – yeah, typical male).

The biggest surprise, however, was when I asked: “how long has this lunch sharing been going on?

“Oh, a couple of years now.”

The wife then reminded me that George is the kid that, more often than not, comes to school without food. He gets through the day with the food that my son shares with him, and through others that do the same.

My son confirmed this to be true. He further made a comment that George is a good kid, always considerate and always willing to help others. 


After the initial shock, I was quite happy that my son started sharing his lunch with George. I know that he has more than enough in his lunch box to get through the day and he’s the giving type particularly with friends.

Unfortunately, I know that there are a lot of stories out there like George.

I just hope that, in this case, that he will some day move on to bigger and better things.

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