Saying hello is sometimes the hardest thing

You see the regulars like most gyms. They’re there zoned out like most of the morning zombies.

Some come in with their earplugs / headphones already in place – that usually means “do not disturb, I am here to do my routine thing“. Others walk in and head straight for their machine of choice. Nothing new here, we all don’t know each other and we’re all there to keep fit. That’s just how things are.

Well, it doesn’t have to be as dry as that does it?

I decided to disrupt that cold pace and say ‘good morning’ to a few regulars. This is 6.30 am and people were genuinely shocked. But to their credit, they returned the ‘good morning‘ back. 


There are others who walk in during a mid-routine I’m on, so I just wave and say hello that way. In all instances, they return the favour.

This little gesture has made my morning gym so much better. I have not reached a point of introducing myself to others yet, we’re not even on first name basis, but we all know each others faces and wave / say hi. The comfort of knowing that your gym neighbour is right there kinda makes you feel safe and at home. 

Of course, it gets a bit weird when 2 of them are there and one leaves; I wave goodbye / say ‘have a great day’ to the person leaving which leaves me in an awkward position. I hope the other person left in the gym is not thinking “I thought I was the only one he says good morning / goodbye to”. But what I really want them to do is to build trust with each other and get our community going.

Routine is great.

Routine with friendly faces is even better.

On a more personal note, I am on a great health win streak

One of the better apps that I own is my Habit List. It’s affordable and provides the basic functionality of giving you a view of well you have been tracking with your habits.

For example, I’ve been pretty chuffed with my current exercise streak of 39 straight days (and counting). That is fantastic!

However the best thing about this app, in my opinion, is that subconsciously you know it’s there. You always feel the need to tick off a habit on your list which, of course, prompts you to do it in the first place.

As as aside, I also keep habits for other things like Stretching with Crunches (I sit half the day, so it’s a prompt to get up and stretch and crunch), eating small healthy meals and giving people high fives during the day.



This app has been so effective in reminding me to change for the better that I highly recommend it to others that want to change. [Hmm, I might have to do something about Learning…I haven’t picked up PHP and JavaScript for a loooong time].

And the gym

I dared myself to wear shorts a couple of weeks ago just for the hell of it, but that just meant that I had to wear a few more layers and that warm-ups have taken longer.

Nevertheless, the 39 straight days in the gym has been reaping dividends; I’ve been feeling a lot healthier and happier. I know most will suggest taking a day off to allow the muscles to recover, but I don’t like overdoing things anyway. I don’t lift weights, save for the bench press. I tend to lift my own body weight, like chin-ups and pull-ups and keep things as natural as possible.

Right after the gym, I thought to document the things I wear to the gym with the hashtag #iworethattothegym in IG, for example: 



Perhaps one day I’ll be showing this to my grandkids and we’ll have a laugh together.

How music affects my workout

I pride myself in keeping an open mind – this includes my choice in music which can vary from Pop, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Latin, Jazz, Dance, Rock, Hip Hop and everything else under the sun.

I even listen to the occasional podcast when the backlog is out of control.

The times I listen to something I am particularly inspired by, are the times I find some extra juice to push myself a little bit harder, or stay a little bit longer (an extra 5 minutes works wonders). 


For example, I am heavily into Carlos Vives new album at the moment, and whenever that’s on I exhaust myself doing that little extra

If I pop on something random though, or something that Apple Music recommends,  I’m more likely just to do my routine on time.

Ah, the power of music! 

Remembering Cecil

Like most, I felt terrible for Cecil when I heard the news. I have the utmost respect for every living thing on this planet. I am not sure that I will ever see a day where we all think in that direction…but I sure would like to see it. 

The entire saga reminded me of my own Leo the Lion tattoo on my left arm. 


And if you deeply believe in stopping cruelty to animals, please lend your support to this worthy cause.

Peace out.

About this post


This is more than just a gym post. This post is more about building a healthy mind and lifestyle. I can’t exercise one without co-operation from the other.

Balance is key.


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