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I have a few WordPress posts as part of this site, but this is my first venture into documenting how WordPress works from the perspective of an author. I started creating this document to help out a few people who either will be using WordPress for the first time as an author or will once again try to use WordPress to write (after finding it complex in the past).

I started to have a look at previous WordPress documentation to see what was out there for the novice, but I did not see anything that fits the mould. I then tried to have a look at user documentation in general and I was still not happy with the results. Creating a document like this has been done thousands of times over but the challenge I felt was that it did not adequately communicate the message well to the audience. Most are just too dense to digest. These guys are novices, they want to write but are having difficulties with the UI and the accompanying doc. They need something simple and easy in my opinion.

As a frequent WordPress user, I can’t see what the problem is – but remembering back to when I first started, sure I did find WP daunting. And so I thought to come up with a way to communicate the message in a more playful and visual way.

The full document is available for everyone here: The WordPress Author.

It’s not perfect, I am sure I can improve on a few things – but it’s a start. The document is something that can be easily consumed by a WP beginner. Happy to receive feedback and please feel free to share it with people who need a writer’s starter pack. I hope it broadens the WordPress community even more.

About this post


This is part of The Travellist project, a site I have been developing with the editor. We are pretty much done and the site is live. It’s now time to get his writers on board in using WordPress.

Perhaps one day I’ll write a sequel to this; The WordPress Editor..? Who knows.

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