Mr. Holmes


Just when I was convinced that I had my movie of the year wrapped up, along comes Mr. Holmes which had me re-evaluating my decision. 

So what’s Mr. Holmes all about? It is essentially a Sherlock Holmes movie unlike any other: it goes through the last case of Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen), as he recalls his last case (and solves it) with the help of a young boy, whose mother is Sherlock’s housekeeper (Laura Linney).

Although it’s a slow paced movie fitting the main characters age, there’re enough intriguing events and flashbacks that kept me wondering. The brilliant end – which I won’t reveal – makes you believe that you’re never too old to change.

The only other thing to say is that it is well acted; Ian is at his brilliant best playing a somewhat cranky old Holmes and Linney puts on a believable English housekeeper who is torn between leaving Mr. Holmes and listening to her son’s wishes. The script is also tight, the scenery is enchanting (the countryside with the White Cliffs of Dover is magical) and Bill Condon (director) did a magnificent job in putting it all together.

I’ve got a tie for my movie of the year now with Marnie and Mr. Holmes. Will another flick come along and break the tie? There’s still a lot of time, but I’ll also be happy if it stays this way.

And that’s no fiction.

About this post


We had a bank holiday on this day and the wife and I decided to catch a random movie while our son was in school. I randomly picked this one and I’m thankful for that choice.

We headed down and went to the Art Gallery after the movie and I have some great works to share in an upcoming post. I hope you have a great day like I had on this day. 

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