A day at the Salvos

What's Up?

We took part in a Corporate Volunteering program recently where our team spent a day helping the Salvation Army (Surry Hills) move office equipment,  food items, and appliances from one part of their premises to another part. We were so proud in being part of a great cause – The Salvos are all about helping free the community from so many things; from fear, neglect, poverty, addiction etc.

There were a few people in need who stood outside the closed gates while we moved boxes around (the centre was closed for the day). And we heard stories about these people who survive on $15 dollars a day (I know it’s worse in other countries and I also have heard how people stretch their day/week budget, but it really hits home when you see people gather around the centre).

We achieved a lot during our time there and the space that we have cleared will soon be refurbished (The Salvos finally were able to save enough money for some much-needed renovation).  

I wish them all the very best and look forward to seeing their new kitchen area shortly :)

Some action shots from the day.


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