A fine Winter

Street Walks

Last Sunday, the 26th of July was a fine Winter’s day. It was 20 degrees, felt more like Spring, and the heavens were quite kind to the wonderful people of Sydney. 


This day also happened to be my birthday and we celebrated by going to The Australian Heritage Hotel, a pub known for serving up Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile. The last time I was here, I had the croc pizza. I found it chewy, salty and it reminded me of chicken. Obviously having it in a pizza kinda masked the taste but I remember leaving it in my mouth for a bit just to really taste it. This time around, my father-in-law wanted to try kangaroo, and so we headed up here as it is one of the few places that I know which serves it up.

I looked through the menu and decided to have the same dish, while my sister had the emu and kangaroo pizza.

I don’t normally like eating big portions but let it go on this day (I paid for it and skipped dinner). 

We went for a stroll around the surrounding area on the way back and passed by some great sites around the Rocks. There were a fair few tourists on this fine day, but luckily I was able to take this snaps without someone passing by:

The last time I toured these streets, was when we took part in a Ghost Tour. It was so good to see that the government has kept some parts of this area true to its history; old bridges and cobblestone lanes. It is a superb area for a good Sunday stroll and a fabulous spot to enjoy one special day. 

Street Walks #30


Great way to cap off a nice round number for my Street Walks series.  You can follow me on


I’ll hopefully be back soon with more walks and more special days like this soon.

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