It’s complicated

Street Walks a good way.

Question. How do you bring life to what would have been, a dull street? You employ some super-talented street artists and designers. Then you stand back.

The congruence of art, street expression and urban designs equal one incredible project. Imagine how I felt when I walked through ran across this little strip in Newtown to take pictures of one interesting house. Little did I know that the front of the house was only the beginning.

And the incredible showcase just kept on coming through the backstreet.

The Singles

Here are my fave snaps on a singles.






Incredible aren’t they? There were so many pieces going on that it was really difficult to focus on any one piece.  At least I have them all here and at least I know where the street is – so I can always go back and ogle some more.

Street Walks #29 


So many great designs, so little time. I can’t believe how many new pieces pop up on houses, walls and empty spaces. Walking through the neighborhood every couple of months inevitably reveals something new.

I salute the talented artists of the Inner West (Sydney) for bringing life back into the neighborhood.

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