Perhaps it’s the cold weather.

Or perhaps I just want to reflect back in the future on who I used to be.

For whatever reason, this is supposed to be a blog where I share things about myself and I’ve never really done a good job of doing so. Until now – so here it goes.

A great man once said

Take good care your body and it will take care of you.” Those were the words of David, our family doctor who reminded me to regularly exercise, eat the right things and make sure that I get enough sleep. I have taken those words seriously and have improved my well-being 5 years running.

One of the things I regularly maintain is my morning exercise. We are fortunate to have a gym and pool within our complex, a minute’s walk from the house and I like hitting it for anywhere between 30 mins to an hour.

Then Saturday morning rolled in

Fog blanketed Sydney today and it was difficult to make out the surrounding horizon. 

Pathway to the gym

Pathway to the gym

It came to no surprise that I was the only mad man at the gym this morning. Even the usual morning swimmers stayed home today [n.b. the pool’s are heated].

The fog brought in some nasty cold conditions and it took all of 20 minutes for a usual warmup that would take 10.

My personal objective has been to keep my weight around an average height-weight ratio and to ensure I maintain a modest level of fitness. That translates into cardio (shadow-boxing), yoga-inspired stretching and strength training (chin-up, bench press etc.).

Occasionally, depending on what’s blasting through my headphones, I even sneak a dance move – which might look incredibly odd for others if they catch me out. Hey, you have to love what you do.

I wear designs on my sleeve


You might have noticed my 3/4 sleeves in the snaps above, but here’s a close look.

I had a few tattoos before Beckham and ‘the like’ made it mainstream. And I still enjoy them to this day, but I do like keeping a modest profile at work.

I am finding that a lot of people these days show theirs off— on their neck, behind their ears, arms, legs etc. While I wouldn’t do it myself – I keep mine well hidden in my suit – I do respect that people make their own choices. Some might find my attitude to work strange, but work is work, and that’s the time to keep things professional and get the job done. There’s a time and place for everything.

Instagram vs Flickr part 2

I put out a short post on my take on the differences between Instagram and Flickr, and I have one more thing to add. Because I see Flickr as being for the ‘more serious photographer pro‘ and Instagram as the “entire world’s photo album”, I am more comfortable to share a little bit more about myself on Instagram.

I would not even consider sharing that snap on Flickr as it might alienate my audience. [n.b. and it flattering to have >130 Flickr follows based on my iPhone snaps.]

It’s still early days for my Instagram account – bit over 6 months and I’m only paying attention to it now. So feel free to join my iPhone adventures on Created by PC

Here’s to a superb weekend for all!

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