5 things that are on my mind – right now

What's Up?

It’s been a while since I just wrote for the sake of writing; about something, about nothing. Life gets ahead from all us and there is absolutely no escape. Which leads to times like these, where you feel compelled to just write. This is a blog after all.

Here are the top 5 things on my mind right now.

There are hardly any hello’s in city living

When you live in the city, it seems like a given that you forgo the act of being neighborly like giving a friendly ‘hello’ to the guy that lives next door. We have so many neighbours but have only last night said hello to one (I think his name is Steve). And that was only because we came home at the same time.

Usually when I encounter someone else in the hall or the car park, there’s a bit of floor-gazing going on from both parties. On a good day, I might raise my eyebrows and throw a chirping hello. I would usually receive a nod back for my efforts half the time, and the other half receive nothing at all. I am not sure why this is so as people tend to know each other by their first name out in suburbia.

The only reasonable explanation I can give is that people are used to people coming-and-going around the city and the transient lifestyle does not gel well with being neighborly. Why waste my ‘hello I am such-and-such‘ if the other person is not sticking around.


Fall at your feet rendition and Apple Music

The Voice blind auditions is still the only reality TV that I attempt to catch (in fact, I only watch a handful of shows – The Antique Roadshow, Grand Designs and Death in Paradise) based on the pure guesswork the judges have to make when picking winners (presumably based on talent and not on looks – if it is not indeed, scripted).

I was so moved with Chris Hoskins version of Fall at your Feet that I started drafting a post about it. But alas, I have not been able to complete the post, so would like to share it here:

n.b. here’s the original just for comparison. 

I really appreciate artists that take the time to interpret a song, sing from their soul and make it theirs. These moments just can’t be faked.

It was around this time that I signed up for the Apple Music service. And just like this article, I really think it’s far from perfect – but it is Apple and it will eventually succeed.

Life after The Travellist

We’re up to the finishing touches of The Travellist project and I am having to make some little design details like, why do most block quotes around the web look the same, i.e. 

This is a typical block quote

I am not sure how I will end up styling the blockquotes on the site just yet, but surely there’s a better pattern out there other than the solid left border line, larger font size and indentation.

And now I’m also thinking, ‘What’s next after I complete this project?‘ I have a few options and hopefully will be in a position to blog about those soon.

Was it me that followed you, or was it someone else that had my phone?

I was going through my Instagram sometime back when I discovered feeds from someone I did not recognise. I was like “Hmm, this is strange. I don’t remember following this person at all.” And I found the same odd follows and likes in some of my other apps.

Lo and behold, it was my son who on the odd occasion raids my phone, follows and likes posts from his fave net personalities and friends. [I wonder how many other people have had their devices raided and had others follow & like the shares of others]. 

I’m beginning to wonder if people are getting the wrong impression of me because of this. But then again, who cares – I’m too small to matter and there are too many other things to worry about in life.

There are so many good blogs to follow

Here’s one thing I did do recently: I have followed a fair few new blogs on WordPress. I was impressed, for example, with this post from Cheri who has highlighted some awesome photography blogs out there in WP.com land. And it doesn’t stop there, I’ve been going through the recommendations in ‘Reader’ and following new blogs. 

We all come in different shapes and sizes in WordPress land, which is unique and fantastic. I have steered away from Medium recently as it has become so big that the content is full of noise. I still think their UI is the bomb and it maybe their dashboard that is putting me off recently (it tends to surface the noise and not things that I like). Could it be tall poppy syndrome? Perhaps. But this is a perfect opportunity to find jewels in the WP world.

Sometimes the best things in life have been in front of you all this time. 


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