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I’ve been going through and adding a couple of Chrome extensions this morning and thought that sharing my extensions would make for a useful post.

These are my extensions of choice, grouped under appropriate category/use. They help me stay productive by either saving time or helping me avoid unnecessary errors (or both).

Everyday extensions

    • Chrome Pocket – With just one click, the extension saves the page in your pocket app for later reading (simply open Pocket to retrieve your articles).
    • Evernote Web Clipper There are times I want to add an article or an image directly to Evernote, this is where this extension comes in. When I crawl through websites and find something useful for my notes (in Evernote), all I have to do is clip it.
    • Grammarly – A ‘must have‘ for people who write a lot. I recently added Grammarly and it works like a charm with WordPress (refer to images). They do have a premium plan with added ‘bells and whistles’ but the free version works like a charm. 

Grammar check
WordPress with Grammar check

  • Gorgias – If you find yourself writing the same phrases or words in emails over and over again, then Gorgias is just for you. All you have to do is assign a shortcut to a phrase, call it and Gorgias auto-populates the phrase for you e.g. assign letter ‘C’ for the phrase “Cheers big ears” then hit “C + tab” and ‘Cheers big ears’ appears in your email (you might want to consider dropping ‘big ears’ for your own shortcut).
  • Snagit – Snagit has teamed up with Google to deliver screen capture wherever you are (so long as you sign in to your Google account). And just while I’m on the topic of screen capture, I also use Full Page Screen Capture to capture the entire screen which may not be visible on a page.
  • Sidekick – The only useful thing about this is that it tells me who opened an email, when. Which is pretty useful if you want to know if an urgent email has been read. And the problem I have been having with this extension is that it clashes with Sorted. 
  • Sortd – This is the reason why Sidekick is off (they have problems co-existing). Sortd allows you to arrange your Gmail in a Kanban view, which is really useful to ‘task manage’ your emails. 


  • Flickr tab – My world has been a little bit more colourful since I’ve added Flickr tab, which essentially adds a random full-screen photo from Flickr. You just can’t go wrong with this gorgeous extension.   

Tech extensions

    • CSS Dig – This extension allows you to identify weaknesses with your CSS, which should trigger you to refactor your code. I also use Dig to check out CSS of other websites. An extremely useful tool that provides insights into your design.
    • Dev tools theme / Zero Dark Matrix – This is a purely aesthetic extension that makes Google Dev tools darker, which I quite enjoy- helps me see better :).

Note: I had more tech extensions but deleted a few (ran into some problems). And just while I am on that topic, there are a few bad reviews with some of the extensions above. While I do endorse it, some other users have had problems. A good rule of thumb is to always read the 1-star reviews first before adding the extension to determine potential risks (but as mentioned, I have all of the above installed and can vouch for their use…to date!) 

What’s your favourite extensions?

I am sure that I’m missing out on some other productivity gems out there. I would love to hear from you.

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It’s the long weekend- Yay! Time for family, relaxation and small posts like this.

I hope some of these extensions will be of use to some of you out there. They certainly have saved me time and made my world a little easier.

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