Construction Management website


After a couple of months of designing, developing, creating copy and logo, and general cleanup— a couple of months delay from my mum (she is one busy lady), we are almost ready to publish the company site. Well at least I am.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and user testing, I am inviting anyone to provide feedback on these screenshots:

Screen Shots

Home page

Home page


Services page

Services page

A blog post

A blog post

 Main Work Page

SM work

n.b. I also have these pages in my Work page. And note these are built using Squarespace (after initially iterating through WordPress).

Happy to hear comments on general layout and structure (we are still perfecting copy).

  • Do you like the layout?
  • Would you rather see larger pictures or are do the thumbnails below each main picture work better? (as it provides you with a view of all the pictures in the set) 
  • Is there anything that is not here that you would like to see?

I am all ears.

About this post

PC halved If this was up to me, I really would have user tested the site much earlier as there were a lot of design paths I had to weigh up over others. As it stands I have some alternate designs and I would really like to do a/b testing on the site.

But there is someone that’s called a client on the other end and it’s kinda important to listen to them.

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