Noteworthy Designer on SPOT: Stefan Gugurel

Call me simple, but there’s something adorable with the UI design Stefan has come up with— particularly if you mouse over the bubbles on the front page:
Mouse over me

click me


I can’t actually simulate what is happening with a static image but basically those bubbles cluster over your mouse as you move (but you can try it out by clicking on the image). 

But Stefan is more than just Ember JS gimmickry. He is also the guy behind Lunet Eyewear:


And he makes great designs:

Into the World

Which of course includes websites:


Head on over to Stefan’s site to see his wonderful work in action. 

Well done Stefan! 

About this Post


I appreciate good designs and I like sharing designs that I enjoy in this blog.

There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind the creative process and this is my way of saying “You’ve done an awesome job with your work man- keep it up!

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