Appreciating Farewells

What's Up?

People tend to move to bigger and better things while working in projects. 


There are many reasons why people move on; the project is about to conclude, the project has run out of funds, the project has run into some problems causing it to stop, etc.  

I’ve gone through the cycle during my career working as a Business Analyst. And if you made me name one thing that mattered, I would always say that I truly miss the people who I have come across.

I was going through some old things the other day and stumbled on this farewell card from the good folk at the ASX

Farewell cover


The guys were a big part of my life for almost 2 years; which is the reason I held on to this.

[But I also believe in less clutter and have gone through the process of making things digital].

Much respect goes out to my friends at the ASX and to all that I have had the pleasure to work with.


PCIn my current world as an Iteration Manager / Scrum Master, we are about to embark on long-lived project teams with a view of continuous delivery in 3 month increments. I’m not about to get into the nuances of Agile vs Waterfall projects, or the Agile Release Train over single delivery projects.

All I will say is that continuous delivery makes more sense to me as it strengthens the bond between individuals in a team and keeps us motivated – and focussed – on the 3 month goal.

The sense of accomplishment is an awesome feeling

2 thoughts on “Appreciating Farewells

  1. I agree with you that the sense of accomplishment is a great feeling. I have seen teams which were not allowed to release product for a long period, rewriting the features, changing everything once more or just coding-coding-coding for 1-2 years. They could not say “we have done it” and soon became complete zombies))

    1. Hi tisquiirrel- thanks for writing in. We’re big believers in launching and learning, then improving as we go along. Of course we don’t launch just anything, we also do 3x stringent rounds of user testing for early validation, then we go through our normal showcase where we present it to our stakeholders every sprint end. I actually wrote about it here:

      A lot of people tend to lose interest in Never Ending Story projects imo

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