How I got my first 3 customers

Business & Tech
How is everyone feeling?


Oh I wish that that title had something to do with my startup. But alas, this post is for this shared link.

This is quite a nice site which goes through success stories of numerous people across various industries. And don’t worry, the story snippets are quite a short read (typically a 2 minute read).

My idea/startup

On the personal front, I have had to make some adjustments to my plan for starting something up this year. Based on all my reading on startups and entrepreneurship, and based on some real experiences from a few people I know, I believe the most prudent approach is to find a like mind first before I start anything (in my case, I need a tech co-founder).

I can literally waste this entire year, and then some, researching, designing, developing, creating an MVP, distributing, marketing, yada yada yada until I get old. My Trello board is looking sad.

And I also salute the lone entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and are continually running their business well. This stuff takes a lot of drive, skill and determination.

I’ll take the easier road, thanks.

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2015!

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