Boys FUSS about hairstyles too

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I have a little spare time to share something a bit silly that happened a month ago.

The conversation started like this:

“Your hair is getting pretty wild, my little one.” I said. “It’s really high time that we have it cut.”

“I told you that a while back dad.” My 11-year old replied in a snap.

Ah, yes he did. He did ask me a while back if I could cut his hair – but for whatever reason, we never got around to it. I am only really used to cutting my own hair, and not others…particularly if their hair was as long, wild and thick as my son’s mane.

[note: well, this is not entirely true. I did manage to cut his hair a while back; but that was a straight-forward #2 all around shave. Cutting and styling it from a shoulder-length starting point, is not one of my strong points].

“OK fine. Do you have any idea on what style you would like your haircut to be?”

“Uh, I want one of those with my top still long but I need the bottom cut out.” He replied.

“I think I know what you mean.” I said. I grabbed my phone and search for kids photos to find images where we could agree.

You mean something like this:

“No dad, that’s for babies.” My little man replied. “I want the long top with shaved sides.”

“Hmm, well isn’t that pic exactly what you just described?” I thought. “I think I might know exactly how to fix this.”

I flicked through Google images and came up with this look:

“YES, that’s it!” My son ecstatically answered.

I found this to be all too funny as it was the same undercut. But of course what I didn’t account for is that AGE is kinda a big deal when you’re a kid. I played along with it anyway.

“Cool, that settles it. I’ll book you for the weekend.”

We hit the hairdressers on the weekend and after 20 minutes of buzz and snips, my son was looking quite fresh.

The results?

We LOVE it. 

But getting a shot of the fussy one is another story. This is as good a picture as I’ll ever snap of the little guy:

Minecraft is better

Ain’t no time to pose when Minecraft is on.

Minecraft still rules.

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I like pushing out content on designs, tech, snaps and tall travel stories. But I occasionally don’t mind sharing personal moments. Perhaps my son will one day laugh when he reads this.

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