Bloods @ Goodgod Small Club

They came, they saw and they conquered. 
The 3-minute power pop explosion of Bloods has arrived.

From the opening track of No Fun, to the closing Nothin’ But Time, Bloods threw down song-after-song of fuzzy pop anthems, that had the crowd singing, chanting and dancing to their super catchy ditties. The Ramones and The Strokes would be so proud. 

MC, Sweetie and Dirk were simply on fire.

And I can go on with the superlatives, but I’d rather push the message out now: Listen out for this GREAT band

Watch out for some sleeper tracks like Bodies, Penelope and Language. Make no mistake, these guys are the REAL DEAL and those tunes had the front row singing along. 

Here are a few pics from the gig.

note: I tried to catch Sweetie but she was chatting with her parents (that was sweet) and Dirk disappeared with a friend.

My only real let down was we were all hanging for an encore that never arrived. That’s a shame as I was really hoping for Mi Luchador.

But hey, I shouldn’t complain— this night belonged to Bloods and their growing underground fanbase here in Sydney. 

Had zero time recording the show, but here’s a clip of their punk rock sensibilities:

Well done guys and, when’s the next gig?

Footnote: The guys were supported by ScotDrakula another superb trio that reminded me of The White Stripes. Well done guys, great set!

About Music

PC Music

Catching a good gig is like going on a holiday; you come back from the experience feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the day/week with newfound energy.

I will have to catch a more gigs as they come around — it’s cheaper than a holiday with the same net effect.

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