Street Walks #24: The Newtown Festival part 3

Street Walks
Whew, I’m finally in part 3 of The Newtown Festival series. And for once, I have a couple of things to share about the actual event.

Numero uno, it was gorgeous 25 degree Spring Day which brought along the cast of thousands that the festival tends to attract each year. 

Newtown Festival

Dos, the atmosphere (crowd type, stalls, music, general good vibes etc.) were typical inner west eccentric e.g. crowd was a mix of students, families, artists, musicians; stalls had some really quirky shops (jewelery, bags etc.) mixed in with the usual plain Sunday market; music was great mix (more below); and the vibe was rocking.

Tres, it had great live bands. Unfortunately I couldn’t record all of them, but I managed to capture at least one new fave (more below).

Talkin all that Jazz

I swung by the jazz stage and caught the easy feel good rhythms of this group: 

It’s not usually in my character to take videos, but thought that the moment deserved a share.

Sydney’s best kept secret


My new favourite band.

We walked midway into the 3rd last song of Bloods and I was SUPER-impressed by this 3 piece band. It’s a musical blend of punk garage pop with great layered melodies and a buzzsaw delivery that reminded me of The Ramones, The Hard-Ons, The Meanies (that’s a lot of ‘The’) and Gossip all in one great bundle of energy.

This to me, is what’s so right about music: they’re fast, fresh. loud and come down hard with an attitude. And they’ve managed to pull together a great album and EP with zero profanity whilst delivering their message with all the anger against the system as you would expect from a great rock band. 

Here they are with Want It:

And this was part of their set at the festival.

I pretty much had to drop the iPhone after this to enjoy the guys set (or the last song). I was so annoyed that I only caught the final 2 songs BUT –  

I jumped at the opportunity to grab tickets to their album launch tonight. I am incredibly excited to catch a great up-and-comer in a small intimate venue. 

Underground darlings don’t come often and I’ve made a point to catch their spirit before they turn into jaded fools like the rest of us. Looking forward to a smashing good time tonight!


“Get a job, Get a Life, Do something constructive and Contribute to society.”
– Nothin But Time (Bloods)

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About Street Walks

PC @ Thoughts

Street Walks is a series of posts capturing the colourful streets of Sydney.

This post completes the The Newtown Festival series. I’ll be back shortly with a new post as soon as I capture things of interest.

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