Street Walks #23: The Newtown Festival part 2

Street Walks
This is part 2 of The Newtown Festival day I had not too long ago where I round up the last few wall murals and street art around my neighborhood (at least the ones I ventured to that day).
I also managed to take a few more unusual photos around Newtown including a look inside a shop from the past that sells old things.

Now it’s time to cut words and let the pictures to do the talking.

Eliza Street


The Sailors

Google Map: Side street off King Street

Urban Street of King Lane

Other Notables

Sunset Sundays technically is more an advert for Zanzi Bar. I quite the blend of colours and the simplicity of the design and felt it belonged. 

The Fire Station mural is also located on Eliza Street but needed its own space as it’s quite standalone to the rest of the above. 

Relics and Unusual things

They say that shoe tossing is associated with gang related activity but in reality there are a fair few reasons why people throw shoes off a powerline. In the example below where shoes hang off an actual pole, there’s a whole FB page that explains the history of this shop front (and the shoe pole).

The other shots below were taken from a shop that sells an assortment of throwback objects – from an old Luna Park sign to empty containers and an old Remington typewriter. I would have liked to have stayed in a little longer to observe some of these more closely but the festival was calling. 

You can really spend all day having a good look inside some of these unusual shops and attractions around the area. And its funny how locals take it for granted (I know I sometimes do).

About Street Walks

PC @ Thoughts

Most of the pictures above did not appear in Google Maps which means that the wall murals are quite fresh. Perhaps some of these will appear in ‘the maps’ when I do a follow up for  Street Walks.

Next up, part 3 of The Newtown Festival.

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