Street Walks #22: The Newtown Festival part 1

Street Walks
The Newtown Festival is one of the most eagerly awaited free festivals we have all year around these parts and is attended by 0000’s all around Sydney. The festival has 5 stages, including a Rock, Kids and Writers stage where different acts perform throughout the day.  It sure didn’t disappoint this year.

I’ll be breaking this post into 3 posts. It covers pictures I’ve taken during the day.

The Little Monster and his Colourful Neighbour

LocationGoogle Maps

I’ve always passed it and admired it. Now it was time to take a picture of this great little guy and his rainbow coloured neighbour. 

Note, Google Map is not up to date and does not show the Colourful One.

Little monster

Bright colours


This house sits directly opposite to the little monster above. The vines covering the house are always immaculately trimmed allowing the windows to receive sunlight and giving the house a perfect natural green shape.

The Walls of Goddard Street

Location: Google Maps

Goddard Street, which runs off King Street Newtown, looks like some kind art gallery with its eclectic mix of wall murals. Every piece of art here has its own character and they all sit side-by-side each other in this quiet little street.

Catch and Hair

I thought to combine the 2 even though they sit on different streets. Catch has been around for a few months I believe and we’ll have to thank Magee for his contribution to Newtown once again

The 2nd shot is quite new and possibly incomplete (perhaps some colour to come). Like the other snap at the top, this mural does not feature in Google Maps.


Catch your shopping

Blowing in the wind


About Street Walks

PC @ Thoughts

Street Walks is a series of posts capturing the colourful streets of Sydney. This is a 3-part Newtown Festival day set where I took an afternoon walking around the streets and started snapping with the iPhone.

Locals will probably notice that my route is all over the place; I seem to have jumped from one end of town to the other, which is exactly what I did. I first went to the festival, had a 10-minute wander and went around to the other side Newtown.

I’ll post part 2 shortly. 

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