Sculptures by the Sea 2014

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The last sculptures exhibition we went to was the one by Sydney Harbour. But it is that time of the year once again to head down Bondi and Tamarama to check out the annual Sculptures by the Sea.

Here’s a few of the choice pics I managed to take.

Sculptures that stand out

Chick balls







leaning tower


My personal faves


Man at beach pano

offering night

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We saw the sculptures during a weekday, more than a week ago.

The benefits of going on a weekday means that you avoid the weekend crowds, which makes the late afternoon stroll much more relaxed. The weather also helped in 2 ways – (a) it kept even more people away and (b) the clouds formed nice moody shapes for the pictures.

Just an observation: there appeared to be less sculptures than previous years. But there was enough to entertain in a casual 30 minute stroll.

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