Street Walks #21: From Wall Murals to Rustic old things

Street Walks
Like Street Walks #20, I have a mix bag of shots ranging from wall murals, old relics and a combo of old and new (a cafe redesign).  These shots have been taken in different locations and they all have their own unique feel.

I’ll let the pictures talk.


This shot appears to be silencing the streets at Woolloomooloo, Sydney. I believe it is part of a gym during the day time but I can’t really confirm having only passed these streets at night.


House of Pain pano

House of Pain portrait



I was catching the train for once (I normally catch the bus or walk) and I stumbled upon this house with the most unusual windows. The house itself looks modern enough up front but the windows look quite rustic – and cool! I couldn’t let the opportunity slip and had to take these shots of the aging wonders.


Old Window


Inner West Cafe

I admire places that leave a little bit of history in its walls but make the rest of the place appear modern. This is exactly what this cafe has achieved with a traditional old wall on one side and a blackboard menu on the other. 

The blend between old and new works together like magic!


Cafe Wall and Menu

Cafe Wall rustic

About Street Walks

PC @ Thoughts

Street Walks is a series of posts capturing the colourful streets of Sydney. I am slowly expanding my repertoire from my old wall mural set and have started capturing other curious little shots, like the ones above.

I have a monster Street Walk set capturing the vibrancy of the Newtown Festival coming soon. 

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