I saw this mysterious post today published under my account:

Title: Ned,Dan,Steve and Joe are the Kelly gang


Ned stole money for the poor and his family
Ned tried to tell the public that police don’t own everything
Ned and his gang were trying to g

I first noticed the post when Vikas A liked the post— thanks VA, but it’s not my style to publish half-baked posts. And if I did err, which is completely possible, I really wouldn’t write about Ned Kelly :)

And so I did a live chat with WordPress to figure how this post was published. After trouble shooting, we couldn’t establish root cause and landed on the fact that I needed to establish a 2FA and change my password (to secure my account). 

The thought of a potential hacker worried the hell out me

That was until I got home and found out that my son was doing an assignment on Ned Kelly using WordPress. As it turns out, he mistakenly took the WordPress icon app as the Microsoft Word app and started his assignment using WordPress! 

Thanks to Dan @WordPress for the live chat support. Thanks for the super-service Dan!

p.s. I have now deleted WordPress in the home tablet (and showed my son where the proper Word Document is).

Hope that this little post made you laugh a little— even though it gave me a heart attack when it happened :)


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