Halloween has just past and I celebrated part of the evening with the guys at Atlassian (the makers of JIRA, Confluence and other collaboration software). Everyone was dressed up and ready to party, and we really got going when these girls (dressed up as zombies) came around giving partygoers the big stare down.

+ shout out to the guy wearing the red Michael Jackson Thriller outfit!

I always thought highly of the guys during my first trip there. Having a second trip all but reinforced this impression – a few of the guys brought in their families and there was face painting for everyone in tow. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed; just the way you would like your after work festivities to be. 

On the work front, we’re in the process of making our office look a little bit more tech digital ourselves, more Atlassian-like, and so the guys were in the process of assembling these TV units on Friday around our work area. And can I just say that these TV screens are monstrous.

the crew

We’ll soon get there and make this part of the bank look unique.

On to my personal work, I have one week left on my 2 week Squarespace trial, which means that I have to make a decision soon about a platform for my mum’s website.

It’s looking like we won’t have enough material to work with (less pictures and information than I would like) to make the site presentable.

BUT, if push came to shove then we might just have to refine our MVP site and launch a beta version shortly. It’s best to just get it out there and tell a few others to give their feedback. We can then use that feedback to continually refine the site as we go.

It’s been plenty busy down my neck of the woods, and I hope that everything is well over your side too.

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