A Reward for Hard Work

What's Up?
Not too long ago, I mentioned that we were successful in delivering a 2-year project in 3 months. In recognition of our achievements, the bank took us on a cruise around Sydney Harbour – to Cockatoo Island, Fort Denison, Shark Island and others. Food and drink flowed through the afternoon as we chit-chatted away, went through a game of laser rifles and enjoyed the view of Sydney Harbour.

I took the opportunity to sneak in some great shots as the afternoon rolled by.

Epic shots





What a team!

Go team

WOW what a great team!

Sydney Skyline with the Bridge

Skyline with Bridge

Once again I feel proud to be part of the team that not only delivered a 2-year project in 3 months, but also saved the bank from spending millions in the process. By far the most impressive element of this team is the awesome people; we operated as a unit and cut through roadblocks as it came – non testers tested the system, the managers shielded us from external noise, I developed even though it was outside my scope etc. Working with a group is hard to come by and I am truly fortunate to be part of a group that cares about the end outcome.

Well done guys!

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