Now I don’t really believe in magic – I dropped daydreaming a long time ago. So imagine my reaction when my managers, managers, managers, managers, manager (effectively the Head Of) told us that we had 3 months to deliver a project that would usually take 2 years. I scoffed, others laughed, and others still dropped the BS bomb. 

But after 3 months of hard work, we actually delivered the equivalent of a project fairytale! WOW, what an incredible 3 months it’s been! This has so far been the most rewarding time for me professionally – EVER. I have never been, or heard of, a project that has delivered something like this in 3 months when: 

(a) the business has had 8 prior attempts at getting the project off the ground; and,

(b) a project of this size usually takes a 2-years (at least), based on my prior experience.

But we did it in 3! What would have cost around $20 million has been cut down to $2 million. Not too bad at all.

So how did we do it? Click here to get the story and I’ll explain how we did it.  

n.b. We’ll be at it again for phase 2 with another 3 month cycle. Deep breath now, 1-2…


How To's, What's Up?

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