Do we have ghosts in Sydney?

What's Up?
I have no idea but I did take the family on a Ghost Tour the other night here in Sydney. I thought it would be a good way to learn more about the history of our city. On top of that, it was a good excuse to see old Sydney at night. 
My son on the other hand, was in it for the ghost stories.

With the trusty iPhone at hand, I took the liberty of taking a few random shots while listening to the creepy tales. Whilst I don’t think it’s appropriate to ruin the livelihood of The Ghost Tour by revealing all their stories, I will at least share 2 pit stops we made on this 2-hour tour.

Susannah Place

Coordinates: Google Street View

We went with the South tour group (there is a ‘North tour group’) and Susannah Place was one of the highlights. We heard of a certain incident that occurred in this historic area where Irish immigrants once lived, in 1844—that’s right, some 170 years ago. In fact as the story goes, some of the people that have lived in this neighborhood have witnessed an apparition walking in these old streets as part of that incident.

I later found a cool website for Susannah Place Museum – right here – which gives a little bit more info of the area.

Sussanah Place landscape

Do these walls speak?


Windmill Street Cottage

Coordinates: Google Street View

The highlight of the night has got to be the Windmill Street Cottage which sits underneath this building (you go down steps, open the sliding door and head deep underground).

This was an absolute treat at night with the wonderful story provided by our operator of the old couple that lived here more than 150 years ago. 

And I would also just like to add it was dark in here, and it progressively became even darker as we slowly made our way down a makeshift staircase. That said, you could make out the remnants of the kitchen, living area and ‘the well’ where the old occupants once grabbed a bucket of water (with the help of our torch). Or were their spirits still around filling buckets in the night?


Random shots from the night

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of every single pit stop we made (I believe we went to approximately 8 different locations).

But I did manage to take a few random shots whilst walking around.

The Australian Heritage Hotel

Coordinates: Google Street View

The Australian

No spooks but they do have Crocodile Pizza here. They serve Kangaroo and Emu too.

You have to love the menu at The Australian Heritage Hotel and their selection of Australian native animals.

And yes, I did have the Croc Pizza here once— kinda tough, chewy and salty. It’s a unique tasting piece which one ought to try at least once.

The best of the rest

So do we have ghosts?

Well I did not experience any on the night. The only chill I felt was from the cool harbour breeze as our winter transitioned into spring. 

But did I learn anything from the tour? Yes— surprisingly, a lot. And I highly recommend it for the curious person who is interested in the history of this great city.

And 1 more thing

This was part #1 of our little adventure during our Labour Day long weekend. I will post a new little adventure in a couple of days (a nice 3-hour drive away from Sydney). 

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PC halved

I no longer have to feel ashamed of being a stranger in my own city. I learned more about old Sydney in 2-hours more than Google could tell me…

..well perhaps that’s a stretch, but the experience was far more interesting.

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