How can I work in such conditions?

A good design space really makes people feel good to be at work.
A great design space however goes ‘beyond the feel good factor’ — a great design space inspires truly creative designs.
The following post is a tribute to the latter.


The first half of these images have been sourced from the cool guys at Invision and the rest have been sourced directly from Pinterest.

Click on each picture for the redirection to the source.

About this post


Some people are blessed with having a good working environment. Others make do with what they have. I must admit that some of these work spaces look so good, that I would need some time to adjust to the environment. Knowing me, I would stare into space— or the water (snap 9 and 13), or the big country (snap 8). Daydreaming in this context works well for me, as it would give me a chance to take and break and organise the thoughts in my head.  

Of course this is only part of the equation; working with good people makes a HUGE impact too.

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