The 30-minute lunch break

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I had another rare 30 minutes for lunch the other day and the sun was out. What to do, what to do? Oh, I know..
Time for a ‘Garden’ frolic

And now for some epic panorama shots


The Garden Pyramid


Spring @ The Garden


And then there was water

Garden and City

Skyline by The Garden


The walk back to work


The Museum

About these pictures

PC halvedHere’s the follow-up and promise I made to myself a couple of weeks back I actually managed to sneak in half an hour at lunch and breathe a little. This time, I took a different route making my way to the Botanic Gardens via Bridge and Macquarie Street entry. I’ve added a few of these to snaps to my Flickr.

Can I extend lunch to 45 minutes? Might be a stretch but perhaps in the coming weeks.

Happy to chat in the comments. 

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