Job Market Demand August 2014

The Job Market

The last Job Market Demand came out in Super Easter, that was quite a while ago now, and it’s high time we have a quick glance at what the market is doing. Has it picked up, or has it plummeted even further into the abyss?

Unlike other JMD posts, I’ll keep this one as short and succinct as I can.

Job Market Demand: All-Industry

Here are the revised job numbers for this year across all industries (the numbers across all industries over time is getting rather large, I had to filter the numbers down to this year).

The numbers present a clear signal of the demand out here in the market.

Demand by Industry

Demand by Industry (with %)

Key takeouts:

  • Technology, Sales and Accounting. If you belong to any of these industries, then you are IN DEMAND
  • Mining, Design & Architecture and Government. You will be finding it tough to land a job if you belong in any of these industries (but perhaps you already knew that).

Job Numbers over time

This is self-explanatory and worrying:

The trend line does not lie; we are on a slippery spiral down. But there are some positive signs, as we shall see in the contract market.

Job Market Demand: Projects

This section once again is the number of jobs for contractors, usually as a result of project work. As indicated above, the numbers are showing some small positive signs worth noting:

Project Managers

The PM’s are slowly but surely back in demand with the number of roles creeping up since the start of the new financial year.

Project Managers are always a good indicator for upcoming activity within projects as they usually lead the charge in putting up new initiatives (as well as maintaining current initiatives).

Business Analysts

Don’t let the trend line fool you; we did, once upon a time, come from lofty highs. The trend line understates the recent velocity, which is great news for everyone working in projects – particularly for BA’s and Developers given the numbers they’re putting up.


Developers are the most in-demand professionals in projects and their mobile phones must be buzzing off-the-hook at the moment with the number of roles out there in the market. And these numbers make perfect sense when the numbers are taken side-by-side with the full-time stats for Technology. The market might not exactly be pre-2008, but we’re not expecting the market to go back to those levels anyway. We’re sitting at a good new normal level at the moment with a considerable boost of business confidence in projects.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Until the the JMD report – take care out there.


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